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Timeless Turkana – A cultural photo tour in Northern Kenya

Why is it that we search for unique destinations, the authentic ones, the hidden gems? Perhaps we are searching for places to escape to, places which give us glimpses into a world minus modern day noise. I have found myself travelling to places which make me feel vulnerable, even a little scared of the unknown. It’s that unpredictably of new surroundings which make us feel alive. Perhaps it’s just that - the feeling of truly living. The un-touched, the authentic and the hidden offer this. Kenya’s Lake Turkana offers this.

Ethiopia Culture Photography – The Suri Tribe Experience

He quickly shifted his AK47 when he noticed me starring at the barrel which was jolting from side to side as we navigated the bumpy gravel road enroute to Surma territory, home the Suri people. I wasn’t fazed though… it doesn’t take long to get comfortable and immerse oneself in a new setting. I think that’s the best way to travel; be open to everything, expect different norms, adapt and embrace it.

First Impressions of the Maasai Mara

I’m sitting on an old safari-style camping chair along the banks of the Mara River as I type this. Through the sound of gentle rapids there’s a heard of elephants snapping branches as they feed across the river. In the fast paced world of today, wild Africa is a tranquil escape and a welcomed break from rushed schedules and constant to-do lists.